Home Decor for the Shoe Fetishist in You

Shoe Butter DishIf you don't believe you can ever have enough shoes, you're in good company.

The home decor world is finally catching on to the Carrie Bradshaw in all of us.

They've gone beyond the risque lamp of Ralphie's dreams to home additions that won't make us curl up and die if the hubs puts it in the window (sorry Mrs. Parker).


1. Shoe Butter Dish ($56) -- These porcelain picks are one size fits all, but the butter might make them a bit slippery. Just make sure your breakfast guests don't walk off with one.

Shoe ring holder2. Shoe Ring Holder ($19.99) -- They're scattered around your floor (what, just my room?), so why not put one to good use? These sexy pumps show off your bling.

shoe horn hook3. Shoe Horn Hooks ($20) -- Your walls: where good shoe horns go to die. When it's no longer holding your shoes' shape, let it hold your coat!

shoe form4. Upcycled Cobbler Forms ($12.50) -- Use them as doorstops or pencil holders on your desk, these sturdy cast iron shoe forms make you appreciate how easy it is to buy a pair of shoes these days (no waiting until the cobbler got them done).

So are your old shoes headed for the garbage, or are you thinking some DIY?

Images via Global Home NY; Amazon; KTs Bits and Pieces; Mostly Madeline's


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