Brilliant Idea! DIY Vintage Suitcase Pet Bed

suitcase pet bedThese pet beds crossed my radar about a year ago and I instantly fell madly in love. The only thing that’s stopped me from making them for my dogs is that I’m not sure how well a small vintage suitcase on pretty legs will hold up under an 80-pound pit bull.

But you can bet that my mom’s cat will be getting one for Christmas this year. And possibly Teaspoon and Sweet Pea, two of the most awesome Chihuahuas you’ll ever meet.

They make great gifts -- and no one will ever know you didn’t buy it in a chi-chi pet boutique down in the art district.


The very basics you’ll need to create your own suitcase pet bed are:

  • Vintage hard-shell suitcase (usually under $10 at the thrift store, but you can also find them on eBay)
  • Casters or table legs (from the hardware store or a junked piece of furniture)
  • Standard bed pillow and pretty sham
  • Glue


  • Hand tools (screwdrivers, drill) for removing the lid
  • Paint
  • New fabric for lining the case and a custom pillow case

Hopefully you’ve lucked out and found a suitcase that is in really great condition -- this saves you the steps of cleaning up hardware and replacing the lining. Of course, you can always opt to replace the lining anyway, using a fabric that fits your style.

You can also choose to repaint the outer shell -- go with a simple solid color or stencil a pattern on for extra flair.

If you don't want the suitcase lid attached (or if it won’t stay open on its own), remove it or try reinforcing the hinges.

Cut your table legs to size and then paint or stain. Tip: If you can find a table with decorative legs for free (or cheap), harvest those legs for use on your bed -- it’s just a bit of added flair that you can’t get with hardware store legs.

Attach the legs to the suitcase with a strong glue. If your pet is heavier, you may need to drill through the bottom of the suitcase to give them extra support with a screw.

Now just fluff that pretty pillow (or two, if extra cushioning is needed) and add it to the suitcase!


Image via The Pop Stops Here

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