Is the Jesse James & Sandra Bullock House Cursed?

Jesse James House

No one seems to want to buy Jesse James' house ... the one he lived in with ex-wife Sandra Bullock. He first listed the house in Huntington Beach, California, at $6.75 million back in June, and recently he had to slash the price by $2 million. You have to wonder if Jesse being unable to sell this house is due to more than just the recession.

I wouldn't be able to stop myself from asking if this is the place where Jesse brought "I'm Not a Nazi" Michelle "Bombshell" McGee to sneak around behind Sandra's back while she was filming The Blind Side. That thought alone is enough for me to use the $2 million I would've saved in disinfectant.

Also, I don't know about you, but there's something disturbing in handing over a $4.75 million check to one of the most hated men in recent entertainment news memory.


Sandra Bullock Jesse James House

I'll admit, I think the house is gorgeous and is right on the beach, with amazing views of the Pacific. It would be anyone's dream home -- yet this was the very place where Sandra's and Jesse's marriage so quickly and sadly fell apart. I wonder if I'd be able to live there without thinking about how the previous inhabitants' lives turned from idyllic to nightmarish within those very rooms.

Sandra Bullock Jesse James HouseIf you were a potential buyer, could you go through the kitchen without being able to imagine Sandra throwing kitchen utensils at Jesse when she found out about the affair? If only walls could talk.

Sandra Bullock Jesse James House

And forgive me for sounding insensitive, but the first thing to go? Probably this bed. The thought of Jesse James and Michelle McGee doing ... whatever it is they were doing (and I imagine pretty freaky stuff) ... on this bed would keep me up at all hours of the night.

Sandra Bullock Jesse James House

And I'd most likely have to throw out the couches or pay some sort of cleaning crew to disinfect them for the same exact reason. Or at least use one of those cool black lights to check for bodily fluids.

Sandra Bullock Jesse James House

Of course, the pool would have to be cleaned, hopefully by a hot pool boy in minimal amounts of clothing. But a pretty waterfall and views of the Pacific from my chaise lounge with a margarita in hand? Hmmm ... could be worth it.

I know, I'm being harsh, and I don't even know if Jesse actually brought Michelle back to this house (though, if the affair lasted for 11 months, I'm assuming he eventually did). And the couple most likely switched/tossed out all the original furniture -- but then again, you never know.

Still ... a house is just a house, but to live in a house where you'd be forced to think about Jesse and Michelle fornicating? He may want to consider lowering the price even more.

Could you ever live in a house that Jesse James lived in? Or should we all just get over it?


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