Guinness World Records: Freakiest-Looking Pets on Earth

giant george and boo boo
Giant George and Boo Boo meeting
There are people in our world that are labeled as outcasts due to their appearance, and sadly, as humans, we're very quick to judge. Perhaps we should take a cue from the animal kingdom, as these pets are being celebrated for their odd physical appearances (and look quite happy to be who they are). 

The Guinness Book of World Records 2011 was released this week, holding the lifetime achievements of thousands, a portion of which are animals. The entries include Giant George, the world's tallest living dog (7 feet tall from nose to tail), the world's tallest cat Scarlett's Magic (16 inches ... pfft, Scout could give her a run for her money), and Boo Boo, the world's smallest dog.

Check out five other freaks that we would still totally cuddle with (well, except for maybe the goldfish).


Longest Dog Tongue: Bless her heart, I'm not sure how Puggy the Pekingese walks on hot summer days, but her abnormally long tongue has put her into the book of world records.

longest tongue

Longest Goldfish: You buy a goldfish, thinking they're going to be small, easy to take care of pets. But this goldfish in the Netherlands just kept growing and growing, and currently holds the world record for longest goldfish, coming in at 18.7 inches long. Imagine trying to find a bowl for this guy.

long goldfish

Longest Ears on a Rabbit: I was very much teased as a child for having big ears, but I bet this bunny didn't suffer any chastising from his peers. Nipper's Geronimo 31.125-inch ears currently hold the world record.


Longest Domestic Goat Horns: Uncle Sam, a goat from Rothsville, Pennsylvania, holds the record for longest domestic goat horns, which measure 52 inches from tip to tip.


Smallest Cow: How cute is this little guy! Swallow is a Dexter cow from the U.K. and, at only 85 cm, is the world's smallest.

smallest cow

Which is your favorite "freak of nature" pet?


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