7 Ways to Make Your Small Bathroom Bigger on a Small Budget

bathroomAsk any woman which room could be bigger in her house, and you'll probably hear bathroom somewhere on the list.

I feel you.

My bathroom is impossibly tiny.

And making it bigger is out of the question thanks to the position of one retaining wall on one side, the plumbing on the other.

But you don't need to tear your house apart to get some more space in your bathroom. How about trying one of these on for size?


1. Clear Shower Curtain. A clear curtain pulls the tub into the room, giving you the illusion of more space.

2. Light Colored Walls. Dark colors make the walls close in around you, and they should be used only in larger rooms. Light colors (think baby blue, yellow, even a more sterile white) will make the room seem more open.

3. Buy a Space Saving Rod and Reverse It. This idea from the folks at Apartment Therapy is pure genius. A rod that can be used to create more space in a shower can just as easily be used in the reverse to get that hanging curtain out of the room, making it easier to get around.

4. Install a Pedestal Sink. Small rooms cannot support large fixtures. You'll sacrifice on storage space, until you check out #5.

5. Go UP With Your Storage. The space above your head is woefully underutilized in most bathrooms -- but this is where you can make up for that pedestal sink.

6. Skip the Decor. Austerity is design in and of itself -- and it will make your life easier.

7. Move Out the Closet. We want the towels in the bathroom for convenience, but is it really that practical? Move them out and use the space for walking around!

Is your small bathroom a struggle to deal with?

Image via karen horton/flickr

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