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movingThis morning, I was scalded by my shower, and then I was froze out. And then scalded again. I've had it about up to *here* with all of its quirks that once upon I time I thought were charming. That being said, I'm seriously contemplating on moving into a new place. This will be the fourth move in three years (gah!), and while the idea of living in a new place is exciting, it's easy to forget what a pain in the ass the moving process actually is. That is, until you start ... then you're quickly reminded. So, here are some links to remind you help you if you're in the midst of moving.

  • The actual moving process (not including finding your new home) begins at least two months of ahead of time. You need to sort and purge, investigate moving options, organize your records, order supplies, take measurements. Sounding like a lot to remember? Then save (or print out) this moving checklist that will help stay organized, step-by-step. -- Real Simple
  • It's always a safe bet to hire professionals to do your packing and moving, but unfortunately, that gets to be pretty expensive. So instead of hiring, just learn how they do it. Packing tips such as knowing to use several small boxes instead of a few large boxes, packing paper is preferred over bubble wrap, and always packing the heaviest items on the bottom will save you tons of money. Now if you can just bribe your friends with beer and pizza to help you with the actual move. -- Shelterpop
  • You're all moved in! Yay! You're surrounded by the smell of fresh paint, new floor layout, and ... boxes. Lots and lots of boxes. Where to begin? This is the part that I'm probably worst at. I've gone months living with boxes containing my apartment, simply because of my hatred for the unpacking process. Check out these tips and tricks to unpacking a home so you're not living out of boxes for three months. -- Apartment Therapy

Okay, so maybe the scalding water isn't so bad after all ...


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