5 Greatest Real Estate Tips From Vanilla Ice

Vanilla IceAnd for the most random collaboration news of the week -- Robert Van Winkle, whom you probably know better as the '90s rapper Vanilla Ice, having a reality show on the DIY Network. 

Say whaaat?

Oh yes. Starting October 14, Vanilla Ice will play host on The Vanilla Ice Project. And unlike every other has-been celebrity who's had a reality show, this isn't about women or their crazy family, this is about real estate.

Shocked? Alright, stop, collaborate, and listen ...

(Sorry, couldn't help myself.)


Apparently, after he lost his lyrical poet skillz, he had to sell all of those homes that he purchased with his "Ice Ice Baby" money. Turns out, he made a heck of a profit off of them and decided to pursue buying, renovating, then selling real estate, which he's been doing for the last decade. Who knew?!

The new show will document his skills as a handyman and follow him and a team of workers as they renovate a 7,000-square-foot, six-bedroom house in Palm Beach, Florida. 

Though he has no official education in the area, he received his real estate 101 from going to seminars and reading books on the subject. Along with a bit of natural talent, he found his calling (let's face it, rapping definitely wasn't it).

The New York Times recently ran an interview with Winkle, and here are five tips that we took away from the rapper-turned-real estate developer:

  1. The real estate market is always changing, you have to learn to adjust with it. Sometimes it's better to buy a foreclosed, tax-lien, or short-sale home instead of building a home.
  2. You want it to appeal to the masses (even though he puts mood-lighting and fire pods in the Florida home). 
  3. If you do have glam elements, keep it inoffensive.
  4. Don't go crazy. Learn from his mistakes. Even if you find yourself rolling in the dough, keep the house-buying to a minimum (we're looking at you, Brangelina). 
  5. Use earth-toned colors and keep it neutral, warm, and welcoming. 

Are you surprised at his career change? Can you picture Vanilla Ice getting down and dirty with construction?


Image via VanillaIce.com

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