Coolest Way to Get Rid of Dog Poop

Park Spark ProjectPoop scooping dog owners, your respect for the rest of the pedestrians is about to pay off!

A genius has figured out how to use your dog's defecation for the good of mankind.

Matthew Mazzotta is using it to power park lamps.


According to the Park Spark Project website, Mazzotta's been building a methane digester with sponsorship from MIT that takes the poop and turns it into energy (methane) for the lights of the parks in Cambridge. 

Talk about your lemons and lemonade kind of situation (well, sort of, he's still only using the brown stuff -- your pooch still has to find a tree to pee on).

When someone shared the project's Facebook page, I was waffling between wanting one to bring it to my neighborhood and wondering how stinky it would be.

And this might be the best news of all: the digester "is mostly buried underground except for a tube and a hand-crank that is above ground, so that people can feed the digester and stir the mixture inside.

"The methane created is piped to gas burning lamppost and constantly burning like an 'eternal flame.' This eternal flame will burn until someone or a group of people propose an idea to use the heat and light of the constantly burning flame and make a public project."

So it's a community builder, a way to get rid of the poop, and it's stink-free?

See what I mean about Mazzotta sounding like a genius?

He isn't the first to tackle the problem. One estimate put pet waste going into landfills at something like 10 million tons a year, prompting San Francisco to launch a butt to biofuel program.

Not living in one of these areas? Biodegradable bags for scooped poop have become popular with pooper scoopers just trying to do their part.

And here's how to build your own compost system for dog poop at your home.

Are you reusing your dog's poop?


Image via Park Spark Project

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