'D.C. Housewife' Mary Amons Home Filled With Oddities

Mary Schmidt AmonsOne of the things that I (admittedly) enjoy about those Real Housewives of Wherever shows is being able to take a peek into their homes. Into their massive, huge, fancy, overdone, ridiculous homes.

And if those fancy homes have tables being flipped inside of them, well that's just bonus.

Each season coincidentally ends up with one of the housewives putting their home on the market. Granted, in the past, it's been because of foreclosure, but that's not the case (that we know of) this time. D.C. Housewife Mary Schmidt Amons -- the fashionista mom who rants about Ho-Hos -- has put her McLean, Virginia Colonial crib up on the market for a whopping $2,350,000. Each room looks pretty elegant except for one odd piece that stands out. Literally, in every room there's a little dance party of craziness going on in a corner. Let's see if we can spot out the oddities:


Mary Schmidt Amons home
This room almost looks like it'd be a formal sitting area, but there is nothing formal about that crazy looking geometric print eyesore of a chair. Random!

Mary Schmidt Amons home

I spy with my little eye, something red.

The family always has a guest at the dinner table in the form of a bright red mannequin sitting (standing?) awkwardly in the corner. Can you please pass the nipple, er, I mean butter?

Mary Schmidt Amons home

One of these things is not like the others,
One of these things just doesn't belong,
Can you tell which thing is not like the others
By the time I finish my song?

Normal-looking kitchen, until you look over and spot the Warhol-looking print of an overly happy blonde chick on the wall. It's not even that bad of a picture -- just looks really out of place.

Mary Schmidt Amons home

A photo of a pear. A pear with a butt!

I wonder how long it will take her to sell this place?

Do you like the decor of her home? Even with all of its weird design elements?


Images via BravoTV.com, Realtor.com

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