15 Signs Your House Is Haunted

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Awhile back when I posted about the real, fabled-to-be-haunted Amityville Horror house being for sale and asked readers if they would buy it, mommyzgirlz3 left a comment that said:

"Heck yeah, my kids would love it. They are so into hauntings and such. The house we live in now is haunted, but they are friendly. They move stuff like the cell phones and toys and they open and shut the doors. That's about it and my kids love it."

That's about it? Love it? What??? Um, scary! Get ... out ... of the house!

The idea of haunted houses and hauntings scares the heck out of me, and I think I'd move the second I suspected a paranormal visitor, friendly or not, lurking or floating around my home. If you know what to look for in a haunted house, you can figure out pretty quickly if something creepy is going on. We've compiled a list of ways you can tell if your house is haunted or not.

But first, let's find out a little more from mommyzgirlz3 about her experience with hauntings.


I just had to find out more from mommyzgirlz3 about her hauntings. Here's what she had to say:

"Honestly all the houses up here are noted to be haunted in some way."

Get ... out ... of the state ... now!

"Growing up here the apartment we lived in. I remember being in bed real sick. My mother was not the most motherly person, so I lay in my bed sick to my stomach and not feeling like myself. I remember a cool breeze coming into my room, and I knew it was super hot outside and the window was not open. I heard a giggle real soft and light, and then when I looked into the corner of my bedroom, I saw a shadow about three feet tall almost transparent. It stayed in the corner for a few more minutes then just simply dissolved.

"In the house we are in now, up here in the same complex I grew up in, it's simple things. Cool breezes that pass instantly. Small things getting moved. Just a little bit ago I was downstairs, and I heard a loud thump in the bedroom above me. One of my child's toys had fallen on the floor. I just walked in and put it back and left and felt the faint draft of cool air..."

Oh dear, this scares me. So glad she is okay with it.

Now that you've heard a real account from one mom, consider this other evidence that probably means your house is haunted.

15 Signs Your House Is Haunted

  1. You hear children whispering, singing or chanting
  2. You hear other voices moaning or crying
  3. There are unexplained noises from music, screams, or rattling chains to partying, knocking, or a baby crying
  4. You hear footsteps
  5. Lights turn off and on
  6. Objects move or drop without prompting
  7. Inanimate objects start moving, like a rocking chair
  8. You experience sudden drops in temperature
  9. You detect unexplained lingering smells like an unfamiliar perfume or cigar smoke
  10. Any of the above coincide with the addition of an old piece of furniture, often with a drawer or door that won't close
  11. Pets start acting strangely or growling or howling at unseen objects
  12. Slime appears on the furniture
  13. You feel another presence even when you are alone
  14. Apparitions appear in photos you take
  15. You see apparitions

{{{Shudder}}} I'm scared now.

Have you ever witnessed a haunting or other supernatural event?


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