An Even Funnier IKEA Herding Cats Video

IKEA catsHave you ever wondered what your cat does once you've closed the door behind you and left for the day?

How about if you put your cat in a giant IKEA store, with 99 other cats?

That's exactly what a film crew in Wembly, U.K. wanted to find out, so they brought a bunch of crazy cat people together with their feline friends and had them release the furballs into the empty store.

Cuteness ensues -- with a British accent:


Adorable video, right? Now try to tell me something that's better than 100 cats roaming the empty floors of IKEA?

How about a PARODY of 100 cats roaming the empty floors of IKEA? Seriously, this is pure genius.

The parody dubs voice-overs for the film crew ("Hold on, all these cats are white ... I requested an ethnic mix!"), the crazy cat people ("I've been holding this cat for 15 years, and he still hasn't escaped."), as well as the cats ("I'm microphooobic.").

I still have tears in my eyes from laughing so hard.


Which video did you like better? The original or the parody?

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