Would You Take Design Tips From a Dollhouse? You Will Now

dollhouseIt's always a danger to be on the mailing list for your local modern design store.

But this week it became darn near impossible to hold on to my wallet.

I think I might have squealed at the sight of this dollhouse.

You see the picture? Yes, it's a dollhouse.


A place that calls to mind the modern home of the Cullens in Twilight, these pictures arrived in my email inbox this week and had me salivating. 

Apparently called the Emerson House, I'm thinking you could skip the architect process and go straight to your town planning board with this model.

It's got a living room, kitchen, library/office, master bedroom, bathroom, and child's bedroom. Not to mention a whole bunch of stuff I covet but don't have in my house, namely mitered-glass corners, two fireplaces, sliding glass doors, solar panels, and recessed LED lights.

inside dollhouseOf course it all comes at a pretty price -- this one retails for $350 (on sale for $299).

There are some kick-ass cheaper houses out there with a modern bent -- the Plan Toys Contemporary House is always a hit (and easier to swallow at a quarter of the price), and the Woody Click Holiday Home by Hape International gives me that spiral staircase lust.

But this is the first dollhouse that makes me embarrassed by my own house ... and inspired to do better.

Would you want to live in this thing?


Image via Global Home New York


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