What Does Your Front Door Say About You?

red front door

I live in an older neighborhood, so the buildings lining my street have unique architectural qualities you don't see in high-rise modern condominiums, my favorite being colorful front doors.

Whenever I pass a particularly bold red or a decorative eggplant entrance, I get an instant boost of happiness, think oh how pretty, and go on my way (with perhaps a little more skip in my step).

Little did I know that certain colors of front doors hold meanings (and I'm willing to bet the homeowners who painted them didn't either).


Red front doors, for instance, can create a welcoming energy into your home if you go by the Feng Shui book (why yes, it is quite welcoming!). And in Scotland, a red door means "mortgage free," so whenever someone paid off their house, they would paint their door red.

Blue equals water and water equals calm; therefore, blue front doors equal a sense of calm, which is something we can all use a little dose of. The color blue is also often linked with feelings of security and stability. And who doesn't want to feel secure and stable in their own home?
blue door

In many cultures, green represents growth. Growing family, perhaps? Oh wait ... my front door is green, granted it's more of a puke green (I'm in a rental), but still! Wonder if that's a sign? Green also represents wealth, so by painting your door green, you can either send out a desire for wealth to the universe (I'm going with this reasoning) or humbly show off what you have.

green door

Not only is purple eye-catching, it also shows that you're daring ... especially if you throw it on a front door. In the practice of Feng Shui, purple is the only color that you can place in any direction, meaning that it's versatile. By painting your front door purple, you're showing that you're a versatile, open-minded person.

purple door

What color is your front door? Do any of these qualities match you and your front door?


Image via David Paul Ohmer/Flickr, Renee Silverman/Flickr, mrskyce/Flickr, backpackphotography/Flickr

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