World's Most Expensive Home Is an Apartment!

Moroccan house architecture

I was speechless after hearing about Brad and Angelina's $60 million abode in the South of France with a casual 35 bedrooms, a vineyard, and an indoor pool. And, of course, Oprah's $55 million Montecito, California, mansion with 10 fireplaces (at least she never has to worry about getting cold), 16 bedrooms, and a home theater sounds ... unreal.

Move over, Countess LuAnn, it's time to reevaluate the housing market.

The world's most expensive house recently sold for $305 million in Monaco, that Mediterranean playground for the exorbitantly wealthy. But get this ... it's not even an entire house and grounds, it's just a two-story apartment!


According to the New York Post, the apartment was recently purchased to an unnamed Middle Eastern buyer. What comes with the multimillion-dollar price tag? A swanky Jacuzzi and spa, gorgeous patios with fully grown trees, 30 grandiose rooms, a waterfront view of the Moroccan coastline, deluxe movie theater, a massive library, and a high-secured panic room with surveillance cameras and reinforced glass ... for starters.

Here I am, worried about paying off my $214 credit card bill (Patriots tickets ... totally worth it) -- and this millionaire is concerned about which one of his numerous walk-in wardrobes and dressing rooms he'll utilize to hang up his suits.

My question: Why? The word "need" doesn't even come into the picture here. No one needs this. Jeez, who even wants this? Wouldn't you feel lonely if your house echoed? Will you even use all of those rooms? And more importantly, wouldn't you rather have one $1 million apartment in 200 (give or take) astonishing locales around the world?

My suggestion: Use it, and use it well. If you're going to go big, then stay home. Enjoy your new pad, my man, and when you turn on your favorite flick in your at-home theater, do it with a large tub of buttered popcorn, and of course a lot of class.

Image via TylerPix/Flickr

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