Is That a Dog Toy Or a Kid Toy?

bone toysThere is a time in every dog's life when they stop chewing everything in sight and settle for gnawing on their own toys in a corner. 

Now if we'd just stop confusing them, it could happen a lot sooner.

Ever noticed your dog toys look a heckuva lot like the human toys?

And when the canine grabs the fluffy rabbit that falls out of the stroller, we start screaming, "no, no, bad dog" instead of deciding now's the time to clean the fluffy stuffed animals out of the dog's basket.




My husband recently took our daughter's stuffed hedgehog away from our daughter because he thought the toy her grandparents brought home as a gift from Germany was one she'd bogarted from the dog's basket.

Forgive him. It looked awfully similar to the doggie version -- albeit a bit cuddlier.

On the other hand, these bone toys (15 euros) designed specifically for kids will certainly throw your canine for a loop -- especially if you use them in your kids' hair as Design Spray suggests.

chatter phoneFisher-Price is taking the trend literally -- they recently sent The Stir a sample of their first pet line, dog toys made to look just like their classic toys -- and perhaps solving the problem for us.

It's got the vague look of a kid's toy, but there's no mistaking the dog's chatter phone  ($7.99) with a dog bone receiver and the faint scent of peanut butter.

Is that all it takes? A dog-friendly scent for one, a kid-friendly scent on the other? I know my dog hasn't seen a peanut butter jar she won't steal from the counter and take into the corner to thoroughly lick inside and out.

Do you have the dog toy/kid toy conundrum?


Images via Design Spray; PetSmart

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