Vacation Home of Obama, Hanging Art on Windows, & More News

  • artHere's a unique idea: hanging art on windows. Don't let limited wall space due to windows keep you from showing off that amazing art collection, take a cue from art galleries and hang the pictures right on the windows. Just make sure the frame is very thick, since sunlight can be damaging to art. -- Apartment Therapy
  • Ever wonder where President Obama vacations? During the cold months, the First Family jetsets to Hawaii where they lease a casual but luxurious five-bedroom private home. Take a peek inside. -- Shelterpop
  • Think that you need $$ to decorate? Wrong! Just look around your home. Turn a wine glass into a candle, a picture frame into a tray, or a dish towel into a placemat. No money needed, just creativity. -- Real Simple

Image via Ev0luti0nary/Flickr

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