14 of the Most Simple & Satisfying Indulgences for the Home


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Fresh flowers, candles, that pricey but amazing-smelling hand soap... These are a few of the little "luxuries" that can make home life a little more satisfying. Despite the weather outside, the leaky rain gutters, or the crying child in the next room, finding pleasure in a simple little extravagance can make your days brighter and make you smile when you least expect it -- an effect that can go a long way.

Today we're celebrating these happy pleasures and sharing 14 indulgences for the home that we hope you can enjoy, too. After all, every household needs at least one guilty delight.

14 of the Most Simple But Satisfying Indulgences for the Home

1. Fresh flowers

Amanda Blake Soule, otherwise known as SouleMama, says fresh flowers are the big indulgence in her house. "In the spring/summer/fall months, I head outside nearly every morning to gather something to bring inside. And when I'm really lucky, the kids bring me 'bouquets' they find through the day. In the winter months, regularly splurging on fresh flowers feels not only a bit indulgent, but essential for a bit of color and life in our long winters."

art books globe

2. Art books

"I’m a sucker for art books," admits Abbey Hendrickson of Aesthetic Outburst. "Books of any kind, really. I have never regretted buying a book and love to find new bookstores when we’re traveling." Art books are usually great looking and when stacked, make for simple home decor, too.

mrs. meyers basil scented candle

3. A good candle

Don't underestimate the power of a refreshing scent. Blair Stocker of Wise Craft says, "The one indulgence we allow ourselves is a good candle. I really do love Mrs. Meyers basil-scented candles ($9.99) these days, and they last a long time, which is nice."

4. Warm clothes right out of the dryer.

There's probably nothing better than seeing your seven-year-old flopping around in delight when he gets pajamas fresh from the dryer.

houseplants art table

5. Houseplants

In most any room, a little green can be so pleasing. "Plants," says Rubyellen Bratcher of Cakies. "I have plants everywhere! They bring so much life to a room, but I do make sure to get plants that don't need constant watering. Our lives are already so busy, I tend to forget to water them. I just love all my plants."

6. Color

It seems simple, but sometimes all it take is a splash of color to make you happy every time you enter a room. Go ahead, add a bit of bold color, paint your ceiling yellow, add some pretty fabric inside your drawers, deck out your floor with a new rug, or paint a boring beige room a pretty blue color. Good color can seriously change everything (mainly your attitude).

white storage boxes shelves

7. Good storage.

Everything in its place can feel downright decadent! "Because our house is so small we’ve 'invested' in some good storage boxes and materials to build storage units," says Benita Larsson of Chez Larsson. "I don’t like mismatched boxes, which tend to make things still look cluttered, so we’ve spent a few bucks on unified white boxes for the living areas and clear plastic boxes for the utility spaces."

white bed linens sheets

8. White bed linens

Veronika Pollard of a few things from my life names "white bed linens" in her list of homey indulgences. They always look so fresh and clean, and feel so mmm.

9. Clean closet

There's no better high than the one that comes with a clean, decluttered, well-organized closet. Seriously, the buzz is hardcore.

candlelight dinner outdoors

10. Candlelight dinner

Alicia Alferman of Mayfly understands that it only take a few extra minutes to make a homecooked meal special. "A white cotton tablecloth, bandannas for napkins, a few cut flowers and sprigs of greenery, and candles in jelly jars. Really it's the candles that make the difference -- and the sun setting right on cue doesn't hurt either." Don't forget to use unscented candles so their scent doesn't interfere with the delicious aromas of your meal.

11. Not worrying about resale value

Decorating our homes in a way that fills us with happiness and inspiration, without regard to the "what ifs" of reselling, is a luxury we can all try to enjoy. Ashley Campbell of Under the Sycamore says, "I paint and repaint all the time. I have rulers for a backsplash. I nailed cork flooring tiles to the wall on the staircase. Whenever one of the kids says something I don't want to forget, I write it down on scrap paper and pin it to that wall. I am thankful for a husband that encourages me to create a home that reflects me and our family."

supafine, home tour, bedroom

12. Good bedding

Mary Beth Eastman of Supafine is all about spoiling herself with premium linens. "Egyptian cotton sheets and down blankets and pillows," she says. "I don't care how much I have to scrimp elsewhere. Every night I get into bed and just melt. My husband laughs at me because I literally find myself sleepily saying, 'I love this bed' every night."

pillows handmade couch

13. Quality textiles

The bonus part of being a DIY'er is that sometimes you save so much that you can afford to indulge in higher quality materials. Since she makes so many items for her home,  Rachel Saldaña of Buttons Magee treats herself to nice fabrics. "I only make things for the house out of natural fabrics like dupioni silk, linen, and cotton. Every six months or so, I will make new pillows and switch up the accessories to keep our tiny house feeling fresh ... Being of nicer quality, they not only make a bigger impact to the design, but they will also be more durable in the long run. If you are on a budget, I highly recommend learning how to sew."

14. Nice-smelling hand soap

It's truly the little things, isn't it? Something as small as pampering your hands with a delicious-smelling soap can perk you up throughout the day. Amy Furstenau of Everything I Love buys Cucina hand soap, "It's the best!" Myself, I love when I can score an adorable and happy-making soap on a rope.

What is your at-home indulgence? Share so we can indulge in it, too.


Images via Amanda Soule, Abbey Hendrickson, Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day, Rubyellen Bratcher, Benita Larsson, Veronika Pollard, Alicia Alferman, Mary Beth Eastman, Rachel Saldaña

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my8an... my8angels

I could only wish I had the money or even ideas like those in the above article to make my home and homey as they are showing in the pictures. I would love to have my home look like those pictures if my children (teens) would just help with keeping the house clean. Those all seem to be great ideas for the home! I love them all! Thank you.


Denuse Denuse

I agree.  Lifes luxuries are the simple things.  No one can afford (money or time) those exotic vacations, fancy cars, but we have to deal with what we have. 

I love color, scents, and flowers.  They are my true indulgences

Happy Days



calapuls calapuls

I have to keep reminding my husband that it's not the resale value that counts but how we like the house and if we enjoy living in it.  Now I have to work on him to fork over the money to fix it up the way we like it.

nonmember avatar Christine Davis

Great subject for a post! Thanks for reminding me that delightful little things do make the day!

Carol Scurka-Vargas

I love love love fresh flowers and good white linens! I also really love the way a few quality ingredients really complete a meal, a good olive oil, real cheese, homemade crusty bread, farm fresh veggies, fine chocolate!

nonmember avatar Josephine

My favorite home indulgence is reading in the bathtub! I never get rid of a book. When I buy & read a book, it becomes a part of me, a part of my home personality. So if my favorite books get a little krinkly from turning pages with wet hands, that's OK. They're MY books. Nothing is more relaxing than a warm tub, a few candles and crawling into a book's new world for a while. What a great mini-vacation! Just make sure your books dry properly so you don't have pages glued together.

nonmember avatar tina

These are all good and since we live in an apartment we never have a concern about resale vaule. :)

nonmember avatar April

I actually love putting up a string of white chirstmas lights in the kitchen. It adds a nice classic look to the room.

Histo... HistoryMamaX3

Home decorating doesn't have to be expensive... just take your time and shop thrift store. If you are willing to put in a bit of time cleaning something up or repainting- your home can look like a million bucks! You can find amazing things of great quality at flea markets or your local Goodwill. They just need a bit of love- and you'll be so happy with what you've done.

Kathy Sarli

You can make your home cozy and beautiful.

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