String + Glue = Really Cool DIY Light Fixture

We are in a rental home. I have mixed feelings about it. We intended to buy something shortly after we moved to Colorado, but we haven't been able to find the right house. And now, we're thinking about a year abroad in France -- it will be nice to be able to pick up and go without having to deal with house payments or renting our home out.

One of the tricky things about renting is finding a balance between making the space your own and not investing too heavily in someone else's property. I especially get hung up with light fixtures. If I replace the tacky brass chandelier with something awesome, do I reinstall the tacky chandelier when I move? Are there rules?

I've seen DIY string light fixtures floating around the Internet for awhile. Every time I see one, I think they'd make a great compromise for renters. Cool-looking, but not expensive. I keep wanting to try and make one, so I collected the best of the DIY instructions here in this post. Maybe we can make one together!


Betsy of The Estate of Things describes how she made the stringy fixture above. This version has a casual messy feel. It would be fun in a playroom or kid space. (Also. Can we talk about the awesome empty picture frame in the background?!)

The blog Pickles calls their version a Whirl-It lampshade. It uses two different thicknesses of string. Very airy and nice, no?

At CraftyNest, they feature a tutorial for 3 different sizes of string light fixtures made from hemp and formed around those giant marbled bouncy balls. It's fun to see the 3 fixtures hanging together.

Here's a pretty one at Instructables made from crochet thread and balloons.

And lastly, ReadyMade features a version that takes advantage of your papier mache skills from elementary school.

What do you think? Do these light fixtures appeal to you? Would you make a white one? A natural one? Or a brightly colored one?

P.S.: Want to buy one instead of make one? There's a (pricey) version at Design Within Reach.


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