Get These 5 Identity Risks Out of Your Wallet NOW

walletThe threat of identity theft has Americans running around like chickens with their heads cut off, but we're acting more like sitting ducks.

A simple theft of your wallet is still the leading point of access for identity thieves -- so what do you have in your wallet that doesn't belong there?


1. Social Security Card. The Social Security Administration itself says this card does not belong in your wallet -- it's used so rarely it's not necessary. It's nine digits. Memorize them already.

2. Store-specific credit cards. How often do you actually hit Home Depot, The Gap or Target? If you have store-specific cards that you only use on occasion, leave them in a safe place at home until you're planning a shopping trip. You'll reduce the number of cards you have to cancel in case of a theft and reduce your risk of having charges made on them.

3. Health Insurance/Medicare/Medicaid cards. Believe it or not, the hospital will not turn you away in an emergency. And you can always have a family member bring it to you once you're there.

4. Credit Cards With Large Limits. Have a credit card you reserve only for large purchases? Then why are you carrying it to the grocery store, the golf course and church? Leave it home unless you're planning to use it -- your liability is largest when there's room for a thief to spend big and quickly.

5. Your Birth Certificate. Are you asking for a doppelganger? These are used a handful of times in your life -- few enough that it can remain in a safety deposit box for the majority of time.

Do you carry any of these?


Image via somegeekintn/Flickr

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