Look What Rachel Uchitel Spent Her Hush Money On!

Rachel Uchitel apartmentRachel Uchitel, aka Tiger Woods' mistress who knows way too much, spent a chunk of her recently acquired $10 million hush money on a fancy $2 million Park Avenue condo.


Moving into a building of this caliber requires board approval, and there are some rumors floating around that the hoity toity Park Ave board members weren't wanting a home-wrecker of a resident (and can you blame them?), but a source tells TMZ that the buying process was easy.

Her new digs comes with three bedrooms, three bathrooms, fireplace, and doorman -- the "perfect place to raise a family." (Her words, not mine.) The building is located in the Murray Hill neighborhood of Manhattan, coincidentally just a few blocks from our offices here at CafeMom. Oh joy. We'll have to be sure to keep an eye on the married men that work here.

Rachel Uchitel apartment

Rachel Uchitel apartment

Rachel Uchitel apartment

Would you want Rachel Uchitel as your neighbor? What do you think of her using her pay out for being a home-wrecker to buy an apartment?

Images via Corcoran.com

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