Your Kitchen Is Making You Sick

dirty kitchenThere's no doubt homemade food is the bomb.

But is your kitchen the home of a time bomb waiting to go off in your stomach?

A new study estimates most American kitchens would never pass muster with health officials.

Hmm, methinks the cat currently lying on my oven would completely agree.


What? I'll kick him off there before I cook.

I might even wipe the fur off the glass before I turn on the burner. Singed cat hair stinks.

The study estimated 61 percent of Americans would get an A or B -- the A is of course the best, so this isn't completely disgusting news. But a full 14 percent would fail completely.

And that should make you terrified of dinner parties for the rest of your life.

I took a look around my kitchen to gauge our hot spots. The cat is a big one, but I jest when I say I "might" wipe the fur. It's one of my major pet peeves, the sort that makes me insist to my husband that we will NEVER have a cat again.

I do wash it. With the eraser block.

The sink itself is another biggie. We pile dirty dishes in there, then we put our strainer in there ... and all that dirty stuff that slipped off now washes over our veggies thanks to the hot water backing up in the sink.

Ick! I am forever fighting with my husband to CLEAN the sink before he puts the strainer in there.

Just a quick wipe-down with the stainless steel cleaner, then a good dousing in hot water to get it all out of there.

Want to keep your family from getting sick? Follow these tips for a safer kitchen.

What are the trouble spots in your kitchen?


Image via miss pupik/Flickr

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