This Is the Money You Would Have Saved if You Stayed Off Facebook

FarmvilleHey Facebook addicts, your addiction is ringing in at $1.6 billion this year.

That's the estimated revenues the Facebook games will bring in the midst of a recession, on a site where every fifth day gullible people insist you fan "keep Facebook free or I'm quitting" groups.

Hey, I'm a Facebook addict. But to this point, it's an addiction that hasn't cost me a dime (unless you count the electricity and wear and tear on my computer).

That's because I refuse to buy into the gaming culture.


Walking around a big box store (shame, shame, I know) over the weekend, I found an entire rack dedicated to gift cards.

Then I looked closer -- they were Farmville gift cards.

Because nothing says "happy birthday" like $25 for planting imaginary corn.

According to NPR, only about 20 percent of Facebook users have played the games in the past three months. A fair guess is most of them don't pony up any cash.

So that leaves the rest of you bankrolling these companies to the tune of an expected $1.6 billion. BILLION!

Folks, if you like to garden so much, here's an idea. Walk outside and pull some weeds. It's free.

Or take $100 to the local garden center and go nuts. You'll add value to your home, get a workout, and save yourself some electricity and wear and tear on your computer.

Are you a Facebook gamer?


Image via RJ Bailey/Flickr

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