4 Kids Rooms That Will Make You Jealous of a Child

dreamy kids room wall mural

What a dreamy child's room! I mean it. Am I dreaming? It's far too beautiful to be real. And see that kid there? I am jealous of him. Even if he's just a prop, I am jealous (Wall mural by haciendo el indio).

Kids these days... they get all the cool spaces. Currently my boys' bedroom is the most stylish in our house. It makes me jealous every time I walk by.

Here are a few other kids rooms making me INSANELY ENVIOUS right now.


attic bedroom twin bed

Even now, I would do anything for an attic bedroom like this. Plain. Simple. Under-decorated. Skylight's a great bonus. But just as long as it's in an attic. Who are the kids who live here? I need to know so I can tell them how much they make me covetous.

toddler room

This cute toddler room demonstrates my latest favorite decor style -- bold colors on white. Love the little bursts of bright color in the rug, the organizers, in the wall art, etc. Oh kid, you are so lucky you live here.

bedroom kids twins

To-die-for color palette in this dual kids room. Gorgeous Marimekko wallpaper, simple IKEA beds and a rich blend of prints and patterns. Yes! Can your mom come over and make my bedroom this nice?

Tell the truth. Are you jealous of any of these kids rooms?


Images via haciendo el indio (via INK + WIT), Country Living, Abbey Goes Design Scouting, and Style-ing With Children,

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