11 Reasons Why My Cat Is Like Your Child

catI realize that having cat doesn't consist of saving for a college tuition, spending thousands of dollars on clothes/toys/crap, or having to have the patience capacity that is worthy of sainthood.

But, without ruffling the fur, let me pinpoint some items that felines and children do have in common. (Jeanne, I know you're going to want to pee in my litter box).


1. Head Gear: Bags, papers (as seen in photo), towels, clothing ...

2. Hide-and-Seek Rocks: Scout the Cat and I will literally play this game in my apartment for thirty minutes straight.

3. Super Short Attention Span: Minus said hide-and-seek game, everything else occupies both kids and cats for a whole two minutes.

4. Bear: In our household, Bear is the stuffed animal that Scout has carried around with him since he was a kitten (even sharing his food).


5. Moodiness: Teenage angst vs. pissed off kitty ... not sure which is worst.

6. Late Night Wake Up Call: You wake up to screaming, I wake up to a furry paw batting at my face.

7. Play Dress-Up: Scout the Cat has a fondness for getting into my purses while your daughter likes wearing your shoes.

8. Kills the Sex: Whether it's coming into the room because of a bad dream, or scratching at the door, both have a tendency to be needy at the worst times.

9. Co-Sleeping: If you so choose to do this, you eventually have to wean both for your own sanity. Though, Scout and I still have our snuggle time.

10. Falls Asleep In Odd Places: My cat would fall asleep on a bed of pointed rocks if it couldn't kill him. Kids also fall asleep in, what you would think, would be the most uncomfortable places -- the toilet, really?


11. Photos: You like to show off photos of your loved one, which is exactly what I'm doing here.

In what ways is your cat similar to your child?


Images via Brittny Drye

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