6 Prettiest Bike Accessories: Celebrate the End of Summer on a Sweet Ride

bike basket

I'm not sure if I really want a bicycle or if all I really want are all the beautiful bike accessories they're making these days. I may really just want to doll up a bike and then stand by it like I'm a real rider. Is that so wrong?

I live in a bike-heavy neighborhood, and not a day goes by that I don't find myself having cute bike stuff envy. Here are six of my favorite bike accessories.


Shown above:

Basil Dundee Basket ($49.95) at Dutch Bike Co.

po campo rack tote

Po Campo Rack Tote (reg. price: $160; sale price: $144) at Public

bike seat cover vintage upholstery

Vintage Uphustery Bike Seat Covers ($28) at Beatrice Holiday Wheel Cute Couture

bike handlebar bag vintage upholstery

Vintage Upholstery Handlebar Bike Bag & Shoulder Bag ($84) at Beatrice Holiday Wheel Cute Couture

bent bicycle basket

Bent Basket (price upon request) at Bent Basket

handwoken bike basket

Handwoven Bike Basket ($30) at Grammas Baskets

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Are you a bike fanatic or, like me, a bike accessory fanatic?

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