Dyeing Your Dog: New Pet Trend or Animal Abuse?

dog in costumeIf you've ever wondered what your dog would look like with a dye job, you're in luck.

A new trend is turning black labs into blonde, brindle bulldogs into chocolate canines.

It's like the horse of a different color from The Wizard of Oz, only up close and in your living room.

And if that sounds vaguely bizarre, just wait.


In China, where the dyeing dogs fad is taking over, they actually shave sections of fur and do selective dye jobs on certain parts of the pooch to make them look like different animals.

So, not just awkward but embarrassing for the animals too.

What, you don't think a shaved schnauzer suffers from a little bit of shame?

Even worse: CNN notes the dyes aren't tested for use on animals. So a pet licking themselves could ingest a fatal amount and bye bye faux feline.

Which takes this fad straight out of freak flag territory and on into animal abuse in my opinion. I won't even spray chemicals in my house for a clean-up job if I'm not sure that an accidental licking won't send my dog to the vet.

And that's when I PLAN to clean it up before she'll get there.

If you're that hard up for entertainment, they make pet costumes that are temporary (and that your dog can chew straight through to show their displeasure).

So is this a cool trend or animal abuse?


Image via istolethetv/Flickr

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