Oval Office Makeover: Why Sarah Palin Would Hate It

oval office makeoverBe sure to check out the new digs when President Obama addresses the nation tonight -- the Oval Office recently received a nice little makeover.

Each president gets to redecorate the Oval Office when they get elected and Obama went with a modern, masculine decor while keeping some classic pieces (don't worry, taxpayers didn't pay for it).


Though a little muted, I think it's fitting for a president -- you don't want an outrageous color palette in an office where important meetings are held. Some of the major changes included mustard-striped wallpaper, reupholstered leather armchairs, and the newly designed rug that features the presidential seal surrounded by five quotes from Kennedy, Lincoln, Martin Luther King, and both Roosevelts.

Unfortunately for Palin, if she plans on winning the presidency in 2012, she'll have a lot of redecorating on her plate. I just don't see the Republican liking this space ... at all.

  • There are no moose heads on the walls. 
  • Fireplace? Who needs a fireplace? It only gets down to like 12 degrees in D.C.!
  • Leather chairs are too masculine -- let's get some velvet in here, please.
  • She would definitely need portraits of all Founding Fathers so that she can remember them.
  • Even though the main desk has been around since President Rutherford B. Hayes, Palin might need a smaller desk for her short stature.

Check out the rest of the photos of the Prez's new office at NYTimes.com.

What do you think of the President's new office? 


Image via NYTimes.com

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