Samantha Ronson: Her Dog Eats Dog (Literally) World

Lindssay Lohan Samantha Ronson bulldog Cadillac
Lindsay Lohan walking Samantha Ronson's little killer last year.
Samantha Ronson, celebrity DJ and former girlfriend to Lindsay Lohan, is super sorry that her bulldog Cadillac "ate" her neighbor's little Maltese.

"There is absolutely nothing I can say that will alter one minute of today, nothing," Samantha tweeted.

"I feel incredibly sad and wish I could offer more than condolences, unfortunately there are no words to describe how sorry I am."

So what now? What happens to the vicious little Cadillac now?

Apparently, he gets a vacation.


According to EOnline, Monday morning Ronson's pet bulldog attacked her neighbor's three-pound dog, who then died from the injuries.

TMZ reports that Samantha was "home sleeping when the attack occurred. Some of her friends were in her unit... the friends told Animal Control they heard a human scream and then opened the door and found Cadillac in the hallway alone -- there was no blood on the floor or on the bulldog. None of Sam's friends are copping to allowing Cadillac to get out of the unit."

Nice, real nice. Way to take responsibility, folks.

Apparently, Cadillac has a record, having bit another dog in the West Hollywood building and possibly a person too. While Animal Control did arrive on the scene, they didn't take Cadillac away with them. Since then, Sam flew the little dog with a mean streak off to the East Coast to live with her family.

Do you think Cadillac got off easy? Should there be a three strikes law for dogs?


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