Martha Stewart Protégé Kevin Sharkey: His 'Living' Cover, NY Apartment Makeover & Color Consultation Giveaway

Kevin Sharkey Martha Stewart Living

Creative Kevin Sharkey, Martha Stewart's protégé (or more formally, the Senior Vice President and Executive Editorial Director, Decorating, and Executive Creative Director, Merchandising for Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia) is living a designer's dream life right now.

This month, Kevin became the first designer (first person, actually!) to appear on the cover of Martha Stewart Living alongside Martha Stewart, and inside he revealed his newly renovated apartment in NYC's West Village, a project he's been chronicling in Martha Stewart Living magazine and on his Home Design blog.

And Kevin want to share his dreamy designer bliss with you, too. Right now, you have a chance to win a Color Consultation with Kevin and free Martha Stewart Living Paint, too. Can you imagine? Yeah, me too.


Lucky for us, our friends at ShelterPop chatted up Kevin to find out what influenced his design choices for the apartment renovation. 

Here's one of his design influences -- one I could see trying in my own home. Love this look.

karl lagerfeld kevin sharkey

For this lovely mirrored wall look (above right), Kevin found inspiration from designer Karl Lagerfeld (above left). "I saw a photo of the private dining room at Chanel in Paris (outfitted, of course, by designer Karl Lagerfeld), and I was struck by the clever use of mirrors," says Kevin of the room. "Mr. Lagerfeld had taken what was a traditional room and given it an architectural feel with a simple, reflective material. I recreated the look on one wall of my living room. Not only do the mirrors reflect the Hudson River, but they transform the view into art."

Such a lovely idea. The loveliness of outdoor reflected as art inside your home (so feng shui!). And by no means, do you have to have a Hudson River view to pull this off. Simple tree, greenery, or garden views can create the same appeal.

Get the Look for Less: To get this look quite affordably, Kevin recommends using full-length frameless mirrors, hung horizontally on your walls.

Win a FREE Color Consultation With Kevin PLUS Martha Stewart Paint

And here's the fun part -- right now you can win a personal color consultation via email and some free Martha Stewart Living paint. More details about the giveaway and lots more of Kevin's interesting design influences right now over on ShelterPop.

Come back and tell us your favorite of Kevin's design influences.


Images via ShelterPop and Martha Stewart Living; Diptych left: by Guillaume De Laubier and right: by Paul Costello, Martha Stewart Living

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