6 Places You Don't Need a TV

tv in the bathroomThere's nothing like winning a huge prize at a convention . . . only to find out it doesn't work at your house.

So why am I celebrating?

Because the DVD with Flo TV subscription sounds great on paper -- and we'll be using the DVD portion on car trips regularly -- but I'm just not ready for TV in the car, streaming on the computer, the iPhone and the iPad everywhere you can carry them.

You don't need to catch up on True Blood in the work bathroom. Or get your Mad Men fix in traffic.

Or, frankly, put one of the old stand-by versions in any of these places where people still seem to spend the cash:


1. The bathroom. Ever heard of bathroom reading? You might want to try it sometime . . . lest your brain cells become bodily waste too.

2. The dining room. Under no circumstances should family dinner include any of these families: the Romanos, the Waltons, or the Pritchett/Dunphy/Tucker/Delgados.

3. Your shed. Ever read the manual on that string trimmer? The instructions not to operate heavy machinery while under the influence of mind-numbing comedies applies.

4. The kids' rooms. Scientists tell us we should care that TV in the bedroom makes for bad sleep habits. Parents, you really should care that you just lost a prime location for the time out chair. 

5. The kitchen. Because this is not what an ER doc wants to hear: "So, I was chopping onions for dinner, and the Daily Show was on, and . . . I hope they like red sauce. "

6. On the deck. Turn off the Nature Channel. Now turn your head slightly to the left. See that bird? It's coming at you live.

Do you have TV-free spaces in your house?


Image via y6y6y6/Flickr

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