Naked Artwork: Is It Porn?

nude photoI had a friend visit my apartment for the first time over the weekend. As I was giving her the "grand" tour, she goes, "Wow, you sure do have a lot of naked people on your walls."

Naked people? I was a little put off by this. Sure I have a few pieces that have nudes as the subject matter but she made it seem like I had tearouts from Playboy magazine on my walls instead of actual artwork.


As she scoffed at my "wall porn," obviously unable to look beyond the butts, I pointed out how cool it was that the photograph in my bedroom was done by an artist who never used real models for his work -- all of the women he captured on film were either his friends, or people that purchased his art -- and how I salvaged the amazing piece in my living room right off the street.

nude photo

Are the subjects in the art nude? Sure. Are they sexual? I don't think so. They are showing the beauty of the human form, the curves on a woman's body or the chiseled lines on a man's torso. While some people may find that risque, in my opinion, it's no different than taking a photograph of a picturesque sunset. It's art. Plain and simple.

Or maybe I'm just a perverted decorator.

What are your thoughts? Do you consider nude artwork as porn? Do you have any in your home?


Images via Brittny Drye


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