Tips on Tipping for the 21 Most Typical Services

tip jar sexy beastWhat are the typical tipping guidelines when you bring a large party at a restaurant? Do you have to leave a tip for the counter guy at the coffee shop who takes your money after you've served yourself? And what about the doorman who offers to carry your suitcases when you and your sweetheart finally splurge on a night in a fancy hotel? Do you have to tip him?

I've asked the folks at the Coupon Sherpa, who recently put together "Tips on Tipping for 63 Services," to share guidelines on when to tip and how much to tip for the 21 most typical services.


Tips on Tipping for the 21 Most Typical Services

Please note: If you are using a coupon, remember to tip based on the total bill.

Restaurant & Food Tips:

1. Wait Staff - 15% to 20% of the total. For large parties, check first to make sure a tip was not already included in the total price. A 15% to 20% gratuity is often charged automatically for large groups, but you are free to add a little more for a great server.

2. Bartenders - 15% to 20% if you run a tab but $1 per drink if you're pay up with each drink. Obviously, you'll save more on tips by running a tab, but you're likely to drink more, too.

3. Parking Valets - $1 to $2, depending on the quality of restaurant or hotel.

4. Mom & Pop Coffee Shops - $1 if you're just purchasing a drink. 10% if you're running a tab or making a meal-sized purchase.

5. Chain Coffee Shops - 25 cents tossed in the tip jar, if they were nice and you feel like it. More if they made you a complex drink and served it pleasantly. Nothing if you got your own cup and filled it while all they did was take your cash.

Driving Service Tips:

6. Taxi - 10% to 15% is standard and 20% if the driver helps you with heavy bags.

7. Long-term Parking Shuttle Driver - $1 to $2 per bag, if the driver assists you with your bags.

Beauty & Spa Service Tips:

8. Stylist, Colorist or Barber - 15% to 20%

9. Nail Technician - 15% to 20%

10. Massage Therapists - 10% to 20% per massage.

11. Aestheticians/Facialists - 10% to 20% per service.

 Delivery Tips

12. Pizza - $2 to $5 depending on the distance the delivery person had to drive. Check first to make sure a small tip was not already included in the total price, but make sure this isn't a "service fee" not shared with drivers.

13. Furniture - $5 per large item delivered. You may want to tip more if the delivery requires a lot of set up.

14. Flowers - $1 to $10, depending on the size of the arrangement.

Hotel Tips:

15. Housekeeping Staff - $1 to $5, depending on the hotel's quality and extra services provided. Tip daily as staff varies and put the cash in a sealed enveloped indicating it's for housekeeping.

16. Bellhops - $1 per bag. It's not necessary to tip extra for showing you where the bathroom is located.

17. Room Service - 10% to 15%. Many hotels add the gratuity to your bill automatically, so be sure to check before you tip.

18. Valets - $1 to $2 based on the overall parking fee. Tip $2 if the charge is over $10.

19. Doormen - $1 to $2 per bag if they provide assistance but tipping is not required if the doorman just opens the door.
Miscellaneous Tips:

20. Dog Groomers - $10

21. Auto Detailers - 5%

Do these guidelines match up with your tipping standards? Or are they more or less than you tip?


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