Crazy Cat Ladies No Longer Forced to Live in Squalor: Innovative Cat House Design

cat house design home

Housing builders in Japan have started designing pet-friendly homes. Wait. Pet-friendly is far too mild a term. I should say pet-focused homes or maybe houses "where pets wear the pants" is more appropriate.

No need to rub your eyes, folks. Yes, there are about half a dozen cats coming out of the walls of that gorgeous interior.


cat house design Asahi Kasei

This creative cat cove is the Plus-Nyan house, designed by Asahi Kasei. The home's features include open air cat walks, shelves that serve as a kitty climbing ladders, several cat hideouts, loads of kitty doors, a built-in liter box in the bathroom, an enclosed deck area, scratch-resistant, easy-to-clean surfaces, and more.

Just think. Crazy cat ladies have always been forced to live in shambles simply because their houses weren't built with 47 cats in mind. With new pet-smart home designs like this, crazy cat ladies can finally get their home lives on track and live the good life with their felines. Right? Right?!!

See more photos and some cool doggy designs (translated).

Would you want these kinds of pet-focused features built into your home?


Images via Plus Pets

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