Timeless Housewares Are Vintage and Fresh at the Same Time

As you know, the title of this weekly column is "Inspiration Scout." I take that title very seriously. All week long, I scour the Internet, I search my local community, I spend spare moments staring at magazines, until I scout out the perfect thing to inspire you. Usually, it's the thing that has inspired me the most since my last post.

Today, that inspiring thing is the British homegoods store, Labour & Wait. Friends, every item they stock is so perfect and simple and ideal. Browsing their goods makes me want to throw out every item in my kitchen and pantry and cleaning supply cupboard -- and then start again from scratch, using nothing but their wares.

I'm hoping you'll find Labour & Wait equally inspiring. I've collected some of my favorite items from their shelves, to show you after the jump.


To me, it feels like they made a list of every essential houseware item you would want in your home. Then they found the most enduring example of that item and offered it for sale. What do you think? Do you like their plain and simple style?

 If you could have any of the items pictured here, what would it be?

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