Confessions of a Design Rag Whore

Timothy Horn LightingEvery once in a while (read: every other day), I find myself straying from my trusty old Google Reader into the realms of sites such as Cribcandy or MocoLoco ... and then I'm in trouble. With a capital T.

I love those sites, they're such great inspiration, and often I find things that I can make myself, if I just alter it a little. But then there are the other things.

You know those things that you definitely don’t neeeeeeeeeeeed, but you really kinda neeed?

Like, the Dyson Ball. I didn’t neeeeeeeeeed it, but oh, how I neeeeded it! (And I got it. I’m a sucker.) But that chandelier that looks like a gorgeous floating jellyfish? I neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed it. That one I know I can’t have.


I’m a design rag whore. I cried when Nest magazine shut down. And then again with Domino. You should SEE my bookmark list. And what is it made of? Things I could never in a million years afford to buy, or build, or steal. But I neeeeeeeeed them.

Take a peek into what's circulating in my needy, needy, greedy design brain this week ...

domino tableThe Domino Table

It’s pretty much what it sounds like (and despite falling in my “I could totally make that” category, I’ve included it here). A table, with a slightly inset top, covered in dominoes. Left alone, it’s simply an interesting mosaic to dine on. The more playful diner might choose to … well, play dominoes. Or stack dominoes. Play Jenga with dominoes. The idea of bringing fun and play back to the dinner table intrigues me and I love how it’s accomplished here -- with not a speck of chalkboard paint in sight!


garden of edenGarden of Eden

It’s probably a good thing that this isn’t in mass production, because I think I’d sell my first, second, and third born children, plus those of my neighbor, to get my hands on it. I’m imagining it all set up under a giant beech tree (you know, on the farm I’m going to have that will be perfectly manicured and of course totally organic).


Field of Lightfield of light

And that set above, of course, goes with this set of lights, which will complete the fairyland effect. And since we're pretending that we neeeeed these things, I’m also pretending that I have the funds to purchase his entire art installation for my own private use (just let me have my fantasy, here).


stone forest bathtubStone Forest Bathtub

When I was younger I thought the epitome of bathtubs would be one of those giant copper numbers, kind of like you see in old Westerns. I’ve since changed my tune -- considerably. I’m dying for the sandstone version of this, but for anyone who maintains my youthful fantasy, the tubs DO come in copper.


seven deadly sinsSeven Deadly Sins Glasses

And while I’m soaking in that gorgeous bathtub ... perhaps a drop of wine? These go in my intermediate “neeeed” category -- which means they might actually end up in my home some day, if I budget properly. They're just entirely too cool to pass up … but I suppose that’s my lust talking. Or would that be gluttony?

tobikoTobiko Sofa

Made of Liana (a certain vine), rattan, and stainless steel, this looks like something straight out of Alice in Wonderland -- only less colorful. I think I would want to add a few throw pillows to make it more cushy, but every time I peek at this, I feel a little bit more like I neeed it.


cutlightCut Light

Every sitting space needs ambient light, right? I adore this piece by Monika Singer. It arrives just as you see in the picture, and then it’s up to you to craft the light into whatever your heart desires. Some cut the strips into shapes, some fold them and cut them into lacy snowflakes. Short, long, there is no wrong with this lamp.


rocking bedRocking Bed

Finally we make our way to the bedroom. I know this isn’t for everyone, but I am dying to try this bed out. I’ve always been a rocker (not in the Bret Michaels way, thank you) -- my mom rocked me to sleep every night as a child, my dad gave me rocking back rubs as I grew older -- and in my teens and even now, I find myself rocking if I need to relax or shake a nightmare. I can't picture a better way to shake the heebies than with the gentle motion of this bed.


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