How to Fit 6 Rooms in 182 Square Feet

small apartmentSteven Sauer is my new hero.

The engineer for Boeing has managed to fit two bedrooms, a kitchen, bathroom, living room, and dining room in a 182-square-foot apartment.

Did I mention he's also found space for his bicycle? And closets?


The Seattle Times got a look-see inside Sauer's adorable apartment. In an apartment that's 11 feet, 3 inches wide by 16 feet, 2 inches deep by 10 feet, 4 inches tall, he's managed to create three floors of living space. 

Yes, three floors.

He's taken advantage of the space most of us ignore -- the head space -- building "floors" midway up walls to create additional levels. Which could end up feeling totally cramped, but these pictures somehow make it look amazing.

They're inspiring me to stop putting all these shelving units on the floor and finally use that wall space.

Now if only I could get a Boeing engineer to come help me plan ...

Image via The Seattle Times -- check out the site for full-size and more images

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