1,200 Ft. Tower Approved: Empire State Building Meets Rival

Empire State BuildingEven after three years of living here, I still get chills when I look out my plane window after being  elsewhere and seeing the iconic New York City skyline. The Empire State Building towers in the middle of Manhattan, looming high over the other skyscrapers. But now there are plans to drastically change the skyline that is recognizable worldwide.


The vote was passed almost unanimously from the City Council to approve the 1,200-foot office tower planned by Vornado Realty Trust that will be located two blocks from the Empire State Building, much to the disappointment of the building's owner Anthony Malkin, who is worried that the tower will detract from his building's place in the skyline. 

In my opinion, should they be able to build in the area? Yes. There's just no room in lower Manhattan for more huge skyscrapers. Do I want them to? No. The NYC skyline is a symbol of New York, heck, even the United States. Plus, I just got a tattoo of the skyline *whiny voice* ... I don't want it to chaaange!

Do you think they should build the tower?


Image via bropho/Flickr

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