Pets in the Dorms: All the Comforts of Home?

dog looking for ownerDecorating the dorm room with all the creature comforts of home just got easier.

They're letting the creatures in. Literally.

A host of pet-friendly dorms are inviting college kids back to school this month with Fido in tow.


Having once had to help my roommate sneak her visiting friend's ferret into our dorm, I just wish this idea had been introduced a few decades ago.

Students told the Orlando Sentinel it's nice to have their best friend along for the ride, and colleges are hoping it will help ease the transition for freshman.

Colleges have some basic rules -- no huge dogs (really, keeping a Saint Bernard in an apartment wouldn't work, why would you try a dorm?), no birds or reptiles. They charge extra fees too, but any apartment dweller who brought Fluffy home should be used to that. 

I'm sure there are drawbacks -- the barking, the mess.

But if you've been in a college dormitory recently, they're neither quiet nor especially clean.

Even on her craziest, most upset that the wind happens to be blowing outside and a leaf has moved day, my dog can't reach the fever pitch of a kegger.

And if you're going to be living in the mess ... that's your problem, right?

The best part of this seems to be the result for the pets. No more forlorn kitties pooping in their old kid's room, acting out because they miss them so much. No more puppies on Prozac.

Does a pet-friendly dorm sound like it's up your alley?


Image via bobmarley753/Flickr

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