Jonas Brothers Show Off Childhood Apartment: Does This Look Like Yours?

Kevin JonasBy the time you reach 18, you're expected to move more than nine times in your future.

So what are the chances all those places will still be standing when you go back to visit?

The Jonas Brothers got lucky. The apartment complex where they grew up -- and where Nick Jonas used to stand outside on a picnic table singing on Saturday mornings -- isn't just still standing, it's home to some Jonas fans.


The Disney Channel stars have a video tour that hits some of their current home (note the JB logos on everything) and takes you back to their roots.

A regular old apartment -- albeit more spacious than any I ever lived in during my moving around days. 

Let's face it: if a star shows up at your doorstep and says, hey, I used to live here, you're going to let them in. But did you catch the Jonas Brothers photo on the kid's wall?

That has to take apartment living up a notch.

I love how Kevin notes he and his brothers all shared the same room -- with a Cookie Monster rug. With four kids, it was probably cramped quarters, but I still can't get over how big the apartment seems.

Is this like any apartment you've been in?

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