Divorced From Tiger Woods, Will Elin Nordegren Get the House? And Sell It?

Florida Highway Patrol show up at the home of golfer Tiger Woods on Sunday afternoon to attempt to question him regarding a car accident on early Friday morning.

The Florida Highway Patrol at Tiger Woods' home last year
after his beat down car accident.

Now that Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren's divorce is final, what's to become of the couple's house -- you know, the multimillion-dollar one where Elin clubbed her no good, cheating, lying then-husband Tiger all the way down the driveway and into a tree?

The division of property and assets was undisclosed in the divorce settlement yesterday, but reports point to Elin getting the family home near Orlando.

But will she be able to deal with the house and the "hauntings" of its history?


According to RadarOnline.com, Tiger Woods will be giving up the couple's home to Elin.

At first, Elin was going to swoop in on the nearly finished, almost 10,000-square-foot modern mansion Tiger is having built (after tearing down the original mansion on the property) on Jupiter Island, also in Florida. Elin reportedly has close friends in South Florida. However, she changed her mind.

Instead, she chose the couple's Windermere, Florida, home, which resides in the Isleworth Golf and Country Club community for her primary residence.

According to Shelterpop, the Windermere home is a 6,692-square-foot mansion in the luxury gated community of Isleworth, an upscale suburb of Orlando. It's an 8-bedroom, 9-bathroom house.

Elin could move back into the Windermere home or sell it, the source said.

“She hasn't lived there in more than a year and that home has good and bad memories for her,” the source told RadarOnline.com. “She hasn’t told anyone if she’s going to keep it or sell it. But one thing is for sure, she will walk away from the marriage with enough money to do whatever she wants.”

RadarOnline.com also mentions Tiger had an affair with the 21-year-old daughter of a neighbor in the Isleworth community. Great. Hadn't heard that one. One more check mark in the column that reads, "Sell it, Elin."

What would you do if you were Elin: move in and stay or sell, sell, sell?


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