World's Largest Garden Gnome Discovered: How to Bring Him Home

garden gnomeAmerica's largest garden gnome has been displaced.

Somewhere in Poland there's a 17-foot, 8-inch fiberglass bearded man scaring the bejesus out of rabbits and earthworms.

That makes him 4.3 feet taller than the original "world's largest."

I want him.


Even if he'll violate zoning laws.

By my estimation, there are two types of people in this world:

  • Gnome people.
  • And the people who think they're tacky. 

If you're the latter, please avoid my house. I have no less than three scattered around my lawn. And I love my "Hanging With My Gnomies" shirt.

But I wouldn't call myself obsessed. There is no gnome wallpaper. No gnome enclave in my living room. And those gnome sheets are really just a joke (but they're flannel!).

Yes, it's possible to go gnome without going gaudy.

gnome sculptureA few tips:

1. Go Vintage. Avoid the mass produced results of Travelocity's mascot's fame by hitting the antique stores for something you won't see anywhere else.

2. Use the Term Loosely. Find artists who love gnomes as much as you -- and are willing to blur the lines. Etsy seller Reclaim2Fame makes them funky with recycled parts in his Get to Gnome Me line (photo at left).

3. Mix Things Up. The matched set screams granny's garden, but a gnome here, a gnome there, and you're using them as accents rather than the reigning decor.

4. Have FUN With It. Unlike the woodland creatures and other "natural" additions to gardens, gnomes are made to make you laugh. So let loose -- mix your vintage pieces from number one with your kooky creations and throw in a mass-produced Mickey gnome or college mascot elf.

Are you a gnome person?


Images via taozhyn/Flickr; Reclaim2Fame


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