10 Super Creepy Garden Sculptures

garden welcome signGardens are supposed to be a sanctuary -- a haven to unwind. That being said, for a place of solitude, there sure are a heck of a lot of freaky garden statues that would heighten the blood pressure should one stumble upon them.

Here are ten creepy garden figurines that should not be in your garden unless it's Halloween.


garden gnomes

I have to admit, those red hat garden gnomes have always freaked me out. The little creepers are hiding in your bushes, just waiting for the perfect moment to spring to life and attack your toes.

gargoyleEek! This little guy takes the scary-ness of gargoyles to a whole new level!

manhole garden sculptureNothing says zen like a scary little man popping out of your rose bush via man-hole.

children's garden statue

One, maybe two ceramic children playing in your yard is okay, but any more than that is just weird. Horror movies with little children walking toward you in an evil trance singing eerie high-pitched songs just comes to mind.

garden sculpture

Lots of boob-looking parts, legs, and a strategically-placed hole? I'm willing to bet a uber creepy man made this.

star wars garden sculptureI've always been told that Jawa from Star Wars has a sensational green thumb.

zombie garden sculptureIf I saw this in someone's garden, I would run away. Far, far, away. What kind of person would you have to be to want a zombie crawling amongst your azaleas?

big foot garden sculpture

Oh my god! Big Foot does exist! And he lives in your garden!

bones garden statue

Yes, I would love to have my children play amongst gigantic faux carcasses.

garden sculpture

He's watching you while you prune, weed, and plant.

What's the creepiest garden sculpture you've ever seen?


Images via trentsketch/Flickr, That Canadian Grrl/Flickr, Amazon.com, SkyMall.com, Amazon.com, Smoobs/Flickr, StarWarsShop.com, SkyMall.com, DesignToscano.com, SkyMall.com

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