Cameron Diaz Moves Into a Post Office?

Cameron DiazWhen I read the headline of the LA Times article about Cameron Diaz moving into the Post Office, I was so confused. In my head, I pictured an old post office turned into a residence, which would be kinda cool. But the Beverly Hills Post Office is actually the name of the section of LA with the 90210 zip code. Just goes to show how much I know about Los Angeles' geography, huh?


Diaz recently bought a 5,000-square-foot Spanish hacienda in the coveted neighborhood from actress/comedian Candice Bergen.

The six-bedroom home has vaulted ceilings with hand-painted beams and hardwood, tile, and brick flooring, and the outside boasts a black-bottom free form swimming pool, brick dining terraces, lush gardens, and a tennis court.

Sounds lovely! But I still think an actual post office converted into a living space would be pretty awesome.

Don't you?


Image via David Shankbone/Flickr

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