Bye Bye McMansion: The Super-Size-Me House Era Ends?

mcmansion big house suburbWell, it seems the bursting of the real estate market bubble and slow slow slow economic recovery is making its effects known in terms of the new housing market.

New studies show many Americans are actually giving up their visions of settling down in a mighty McMansion home and downsizing their dream home hopes to smaller, more economical homes.

Can you believe it? Americans actually opting for something smaller? Man, times are tough.


Based on individuals polled in a July 2010 Trulia-Harris interactive survey, only 9 percent were seeking a home in the McMansion range -- that is, a house with at least 3,200 square feet in a tightly nestled neighborhood. However, 64 percent of those polled overall were looking for homes between 800 and 2,600 square feet, and 37 percent of those reported their ideal home at less than 2,000 square feet.

These results about consumers' must-have home sizes say a lot about these ongoing tough economic times, considering the fact that the average size of an American home jumped from from 983 square feet to 2,349 square feet from 1950 to 2004, according to's 2010 American Dream survey notes.

Yep, when times are good, we like our homes as big as Whoppers. That's right.

I do wonder to what extent these changing choices are a result of a more eco-friendly awareness about the effects of mass construction and our personal carbon footprints. Perhaps we are finally coming to terms with the ravage we're taking on our planet building all these garage mahals.

Ah nevermind. That can't be it. We Americans love our super-sized stuff (can you believe how many gargantuan gas guzzlers are still on the road?). This change has to be about the money.

Has your taste in home size changed in the last year or so?


Image via PinkMoose/Flickr

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