DIY Dorm Room Style: 7 Budget Projects to Create a Cool College Crib

dorm room

If your college-bound kid is depressed by the idea of the bland, beige dorm room that's about to become his or her home away from home, why not encourage some personal design creativity? DIY dorm projects!

Sure, you can buy a colorful bed in a bag and all the blindingly bright clothes hampers and rugs you can find, but nothing shows real style like do-it-yourself design done right.

Read on for seven low-cost and temporary dorm-decorating ideas.


Keep in mind these four important things about college dorms:1) Personal space in most dorm rooms is VERY limited, 2) most college dormitories have strict rules about what you may or may not bring in or hang on the walls, if anything at all, 3) furnished dorms usually require that you use the existing furniture; no removal allowed, 4) you'll be hard pressed to ever find a college dorm that will let you paint the walls or furniture.

Be sure to CHECK THE RULES before doing any creative decorating to your child's dorm room.

All this is good news, of course, cause it means you and your college student have to get really creative.

Are you helping your college student get a dorm room ready for the fall semester? Any creative DIY tips?


Top image via Lovely Undergrad 


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