Meet Rue, The Newest Online Design Magazine

rue magazineThe fall of design magazines (R.I.P. domino) has left many of us with a hole in our hearts -- a void that can't quite be filled, no matter how many great design blogs we read.

But it appears that the design magazines are rising from the dead, in the form of online. Former domino editor Michelle Adams gave us the online magazine Lonny, which has an eerie resemblance to her former employer.

It's been about a year, and the online design mag hasn't had competition. Until now.

Say hello to Rue.


You may recognize the team behind Rue -- they're bloggers and well known in the design blogworld.

Crystal Gentilello (Plush Palate) and Anne Sage (The City Sage) founded the site, and have added on Alaina Kaczmarski (Live Creating Yourself) and Caitlin Flemming (Sacramento Street).

And don't expect the first issue to be a wimpy one. It's chock-full of well-known designers and photographers that you're used to seeing in your favorite print mags.

"The reaction so far has been amazing -- the design community has been unbelievably supportive and everyone's been quick to say: 'How can we help?'" Gentilello told Shelterpop.

I don't know about you, but I'm stoked to see what these ladies put together. The first issue hits the web on September 16.

Are you a fan of the online magazine? Think you'll read Rue?


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