Claire Danes: Actor Turned Wall Painter

claire danesOnce upon a time, Claire Danes was a Hollywood actress.

Now she's your friendly neighborhood painter?


Yesterday, the blonde beauty took to rolling paint at Grand Central Terminal, promoting the launch of Valspar Paint’s new Hi-DEF Advanced Color System. She, along with others, painted 26 freestanding walls as part of an exhibition showing off the quick-drying paint and benefiting the non-profit artist-advocacy organization, United States Artists.

The event was free to the public, but personally, I think I would've rather watched paint dry. Oh wait.

Here's some advice for Claire: Being a promo girl for a paint company is not going to help your career. And if you simply must, at least go for a better known company like Behr or Benjamin Moore.

Good or bad career move on Claire's part? At least the color's pretty, right?



Image via Andrew H. Walker/Getty

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