Otto Dunker: 8-Year Old Wallpaper & Textile Designer

Otto Dunker wallpaper

If creative genius isn't genetic, then it's definitely contagious -- this is the best explanation I can come up with for young Otto Dunker's inspiring new wallpaper and textile designs, found via LilSugar.


Eight-year-old Otto lives in Gothenburg, Sweden with his sister Tovalisa, mother Elisabeth, father Dennis, the cat Hiro, and a rat named Lilly. Lucky for Otto, his mom is designer, illustrator, and stylist Elisabeth Dunker (Fine Little Day), one of my favorite creative inspiration bloggers.

(Remember her home tour and mini holiday home tour here on The Stir?)

For those of us who have been following Fine Little Day over the years and watching Otto grow and his creativity flourish, this is a fine little day, indeed.

Otto's Ohoy Wallpaper Design (love all the little ships!)

ahoy ships wallpaper

Otto's "Ohoy" Wallpaper in an Office

office wallpaper ships

Otto with his mom Elisabeth

Elisabeth Otto Dunker fine little day wallpaper

Apple Papple Poster ($32)

Otto's Mountains Wallpaper Design (so many sweet mountains!)

wallpaper mountains design

 Otto's "Mountain" Wallpaper in a Kitchen

wallpaper kitchen

His Mountains design has also been made into adorable textiles

mountains textileMountains Tea Towel ($25), Pillowcase ($40), Cotton Bag ($40)

"I’m a drummer, I like to drum. And to do karate with my best friend Konrad," Otto says via Fine Little Day. About the wallpaper designs, he says, "I like to draw a lot. I don’t think I’m so good at it, but my mother does. When I look at the wall with my ships on, I like that they are so many."

Be still my heart, Otto. You are my creative champion.


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Images via Fine Little Day and Photowall

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