Soap on a Rope Revival: 10 Oh-So-Fresh Hanging Bars

soap rope ace hotel

Soap on a rope at the Ace Hotel

Soap on a rope is back, and it's no longer just your dad's toxic-smelling cologne kind either. Nope. Now soap on a rope is made with good-smelling, sometimes fresh cut, and often handmade with all-natural ingredients, and it looks good. An adorable addition to your bathroom decor and no more sudsy bar cluttering up your sink.

We probably owe the return of soap on a rope's coolness factor to the folks at the Ace Hotel and their modern, in-room soaps on ropes. The Ace's exclusive soaps are made from crushed pearl and natural ingredients like olive oil, coconut, palm, rice bran, shea butter, pearl powder, and pearl butter.

And trust me, everyone is talking about these soaps on ropes.

Even Jamie Oliver is selling soap on a rope these days. Who'll be next? Closet candle maker Sandra Bullock?

Read on to see the 10 best Soap on a Rope finds ever!


10 Soap-Dish-Free Bars (9 on Ropes)

soap rope pearlpearl+ Detox and Moisturizing Soaps (available for purchase in-person at any Ace Hotel)

watkins soaps rope

Soap on a Rope -- 5 bars (£4.75) at Watkins Soap Company

mini bars soap rope

Mini bars strung on a hemp rope -- 5 bars; floral or spicy ($14) at Kama Soap 

soap rope jamie oliver

 yuzu lime, green tea & cedar soap on a rope (£10) at

Tommy Bahama soap on a rope

Exfoliating Soap on a Rope ($16.50) at Tommy Bahama

lemon soap ropeSoap on a Rope ($11) at Sabon NYC

verbena soap ropeVerbena Soap on a Rope ($10) at L'Occitane en Provence

soap on a rope gardener's

Gardener's Soap on a Rope ($8.25) at Artsy Fartsy Mommy

soap rope

Star Anise Fair Trade Hope Soap on a Rope ($8.50) at Global Fayre

This next soap is not on a rope, but it's pretty darn wonderful and still hanging and soap-dish-free!

french wall mounted soap

French Wall-Mount Soap Holder (reg. $49; sale $24.99) at NapaStyle 

Provendi Revolving Soap Refill ($9.50) at Amazon

Are you going to be a part of the soap on a rope revival?


Top image via pearl+; Mini bars via keira-anne/Flickr

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