Wanted: Neighbor For Martha Stewart, Only $7.5M

martha stewartI've always had an imaginary list of celebrities who I would have over for a dinner party, who I would like to go on a shopping spree with, and who I would like to live next door to.

Well, technically-speaking, living next to my dream neighbor, Martha Stewart, is now possible, since the home next to her Hamptons property is for sale. 

Unfortunately, I can't "technically" afford the whopping $7.5 million pricetag (unless someone wants to give me an early birthday present ... anyone?). But oh how great would it be to live next to Martha Stewart?

**Cue dream sequence music**


We'd spend our days making crafts out of pipe cleaners (and they'd be adorable, not tacky, because it has the Martha Stewart golden touch), we'd frolic with her chow chows, and we'd get fat because we'd bake so many beautiful pastries.

The actual property consists of a 1,900-square-foot carriage house and swimming pool, with room for improvement (but hey, Martha Stewart is your friggin' neighbor, so no worries there). There's enough space to build a larger house on the 1-acre property, so if some smart, rich real estate guru swoops in, they could make quite the profit if they do some major renovating.

If money wasn't an issue, would you want to live next door to Martha Stewart?


Image via David Shankbone/Flickr


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